Letto a scomparsa-GIREVOLE matrimoniale

Ambivalent transformable system

Why ambivalent? Because it is a living room bookcase which, once rotated on itself, presents an arrangement for the night in the form of a double bed that is always ready.
It is a quality and design bookcase that completely hides a double bed, useful for daily use or as an emergency bed in case of guests.
The Girevole bed unit can be combined with a wardrobe, bookcases, monobloc kitchens, always with a modern and innovative design.

We at Spinelli abitare al naturale have been producing quality furniture since 1935 and we have been specializing in the production of convertible beds for over 50 years. What does this mean? It means that our mechanisms have been tested for years.

Since foldaway beds are beds that move the important thing for you, dear customers, is that the function of the bed should last over time.

As with all the materials we use in our productions, including for the foldaway beds, we pay extreme attention to the selection of the choice of materials, in fact, we only use excellent quality materials both for the wooden panel and for the hardware and in every single mechanism that makes up the bed which will then disappear inside the dedicated space.

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